Why Leasing from Us?

No Money Down

Acquire your new machine with no money down and make low monthly payments without affecting your business’ cash flow. We offer 0 down payment as well as 0 security deposit leasing.


Lease Payments are deductible as business expenses on your tax return, reducing the cost of your lease.

Easy Updates

Don’t want to get stuck with old equipment? Leasing from us makes it easier to upgrade to a newer copier.

Just Business

Copier lease is a business lease. Hence, it does not require personal information such as your social security number or personal guarantee to get an approval. The only information we need is company name, address and phone number.

Flexible Terms

We have many flexible lease terms available to fit your budget.

The Term of the Lease

Most common and cheapest lease is Fair Market Value (FMV) lease with terms between 1 year and 5 years. To select a proper term we recommend to multiply it on the monthly volume. This way you can appreciate the condition of the machine at the end of the lease.